Training Information

Whether for an entrepreneur starting up a venture or for the big shots in an organization, sales training is a must. It is not a cost but an investment.

Gone are the days of cold calling and targeting who so ever may listen to the sales pitch. The sales process needs to be targeted nowadays by identifying your audience, choosing the right channels and adopting your message as per the channels. With their hard core expertise and sills, the sales training providers help you deliver your message to the right audience.

But investment in sales training comes to a halt during recession. “Why should we invest when the economy is slowing down?” companies ask (Simplylearn). We must own on our expenses. WRONG. Cutting down on sales training means cutting down on your sales eventually.

It becomes a ‘nice-to-have’ item on the list instead of being placed under the ‘must-have’ head. It is one of the expenses bearing the brunt of cost slashing and budget trimming.

However, investing in sales training during the recession can be beneficial for your company. A training assessment study held in a Fortune 100 company clearly backs up this proposition. In this research, trained sales professionals had 79% more success in generating new leads for the company during the recessionary period.